Bart started his career at a very young age, when he was still in elementary school, about 45 years ago, as a cartoonist and illustrator. He made cartoons and illustrations for various magazines, television, film and other media.

According to Bart, creativity is not only talent, but also a way of doing things!

Creativity has nothing to do with your IQ. Creativity arises when you are able to ban all ratio from your system. Compare it to the moment when you were a playing child, and you fantasized. Then you did not do it out of practical consideration, but just for fun, it made you happy.

So all creativity comes from your subconscious, not from logic. And certainly not from all conventions that have all been rammed into your system.

It is important that you come into a playful and relaxed state of mind. Relaxation is the most important. Only when you are relaxed you hear what the unconscious whispers to you. Quiet enough to hear the whispers of your subconscious.

That’s how Bart’s paintings are created…

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